Rainy Season: Love Letter

It's a rainy season. When I smelt petrichor deeper. Like I used to. When I only knew these raindrop, petrichor, and I were playing around in a wet land. I flew away just like an angel brought a fairy's stick. Made a circle by myself freely. Sang a song.

Yes, it's a rainy season. When I felt like butterflies flew and tickled around this tummy. It was like when I wrote and sent you a love letter, to be honest, it came from the deepest of my heart, out of logic. And sometimes, I couldn't stop wondering, what if I can stop the earth circling? What if I can stop my heart beating? Only when I miss you badly.

But the thing is, deep down inside, I remembered you, a boy who knocked my door and kept his smiling on at this season, more than decade a go.

And sure, it's a rainy season and I wrote a love letter sent you through the air.


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