Pasih Andus: Pantai Berasap yang Menenangkan

Between green and blue 

Pasih Andus (Pasih: beach, Andus: smoke) is one of place where you can go when you touch down at Nusa Penida Island, Bali. It located near with Angel's Billabong for about 5-10 minutes by driving motor. Even it named is taken from a phenomenon inside, I thought it is only a silent hill with so much cows I can't count.


No one come in to this place after you decide to park your motor near a place as well as like a gate. You only need to make a step by step to walk around Pasih Andus. If you're getting tired, just take a seat, take a deep breath, and release all the pain you had. Or, if you really feel like so much exhausted, you can sleep in gazebo or laying down at the grass for a while with sound of waves as your backsound. Truly, it makes me feel like in heaven. Calm.

Laying down at the grass

In the other side of Pasih Andus, you can see a wide sea with coral as a foreground. Please, sit and wait for some ships from Padang Bai harbour or Crystal Bay through this way. It means great to look at a mixture of cloud, sea, and sky up above.


For a while, you also see a great scenery: pasih andus is really happened. Which is when a big-big waves come and crush a head on canyon evoke sound of "ssshhhh" like a smoke when you try to set a fire anything then "booom!" as great as a bomb blown up in front of you.

Pasih andus is a smoke beach

There is no entrance fee in Pasih Andus. Just feel free like you're in home. Feel a wind blow and make sure you're enjoying your holiday.

In my head, Pasih Andus is one of a marvelous place to be alone, to think about anything by myself. Make sure to step toward and let anyone behind to go. So, don't you wanna take a rest and enjoy this scenery?

It is safe, calm, and homey place


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